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General Information

Due: 25 Jan 2012, 11:59pm


Write a small pair of HTML pages that link to each other, and use CSS to style these pages.


Create two HTML pages named home.html and away.html and a CSS file named style.css. The first file, home.html, will describe a group (sports team, collection of pencils, funny cat pictures, etc.), while away.html will describe some (at least 2) members of that group. Each page must have a title, heading, and must link to the other page. Both home.html and each individual member in away.html must have a name, picture, description, and list of at least three attributes/statistics.

For example, imagine we choose to describe the U of A sports teams. In home.html we might call this collection of teams "Wilbur's Crew" and include a picture of sporting shenanigans. In this case, the description could be a brief history of the U of A sports teams followed by three specific teams for the attributes list.

Your CSS should be separated from your HTML file by being contained in the style.css file. In this file, you should use CSS to change the style of some elements. First, the two pages should have different background colors. Second, the attribute/statistic list in home.html and each list in away.html should have a border, and the list items should be styled: the first item bolded, the second italicized, and third text colored (additional list items may be styled as you wish).

Images and links should use relative, not absolute, URL's.

Your code is required to be valid HTML5 as a substantial part of the homework grade will be based on validation. Validation will be done through the following site:

Additionally, your CSS file must be valid according to W3C standards. Validation will be done through the following site:


Homework Submission

As detailed on the homework submission page, this homework must be on the class web server in a folder titled homework2 for it to be graded.