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Assignment 1 Basic HTML. Due Mon, 23 Jan.
Assignment 2 Basic HTML/CSS. Due Wed, 25 Jan.
Assignment 3 More CSS practice. Due Fri, 27 Jan.
Assignment 4 Basic form building. Due Wed, 1 Feb.
Assignment 5 JavaScript and the DOM. Due Fri, 3 Feb.
Assignment 6 JavaScript: Forever Alone. Due Wed, 8 Feb.
Assignment 7 Basic PHP. Due Fri, 10 Feb.
Assignment 8 File reading/writing in PHP. Due Fri, 17 Feb.
Assignment 9 Basic SQL syntax. Due Mon, 20 Feb.
Assignment 10 Chat web application. Due Mon, 27 Feb.
Assignment 11 Auto-suggestion feature. Due Mon, 5 Mar.
Assignment 12 Chat with AJAX! Due Fri, 9 Mar.
Assignment 13 Photo uploader (part 1). Due Mon, 26 Mar.
Assignment 14 Photo uploader (part 2). Due Mon, 2 Apr.
Assignment 15 Photo uploader (part 3). Due Mon, 9 Apr.