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If you are interested in looking for web developers, please send me an email to gunsch at cs (arizona) with information about the job and I can post it to this class as appropriate.

26 Apr 2012 - The Finding Trails project attempts to trace the shape of recreational trails (for hiking and mountain biking) in photos of earth taken from the air. We need an automated program to download the images from USGS. The project involves network programming in the user's preferred language, and working with geoimages and some geographic information system (GIS) concepts. If all goes well, the project could be expanded to download and incorporate earth elevation data too. The project goal is to build a program that automatically downloads and stores images like this from an online source.

The SLIC project aims to assist students and scholars efficiently browse and seek segments of interest in educational videos of lectures and talks. In particular, it focuses on lectures that use slides, where the content of the slides file gives valuable hints as to how to break the video into meaningful parts, and how to enable students to access these segments. The students interested in helping with the project should have a good knowledge of HTML + CSS, Javascript/jQuery and PHP to help build the tools to collect the data for the project and to showcase the final result.

Contact me at if you would like to get involved over the summer and/or during the Fall semester.

12 Apr 2012 - Web Solutions NYC is looking to train a couple people in PHP and the Magneto platform. Pay is based on proficiency and starts after you are familiar with the software. You will be working from home. Contact Yitzchak Lieblich at

11 Apr 2012 - The SSSP is proud to announce the opening of a summer position within the Scholarship Universe project. Scholarship Universe is a web based app here at the University of Arizona that will provide Wildcat students with scholarship opportunities! More details (.docx)

29 Feb 2012 - Cubic Enterprises is looking to hire a single web developer to code both the front and back end of a new, niche, social platform that is heavily integrated with Facebook and is entirely oriented around the university system. We hope to launch the website to the University of Arizona student body by this summer, and expand to at least five other division one schools within a year. This temporary position has the potential to expand into a much larger opportunity. A qualified developer will be compensated in both monetary and equity retribution. More Details (PDF)

9 Feb 2012 - ModelVP LLC, a subsidiary of VGC Unlimited is looking for programmers to help us develop our latest product. We need self-motivated, priority conscious students who are familiar with PHP. Selected U of A students will work with students from several other universities across the southwest under the direction of our Director of Technology to build an app that will revolutionize popularity based professions' talent scouting industry. We will be offering unpaid internships for school credit in senior capstone or independent study courses, as well as a paid internship option. Interns who demonstrate superior talent and capability will be considered for full-time hire upon the project's completion. To request an interview, please email your resumé to Derek Colnar, Director of Technology, at Applicants must be familiar with PHP and basic web design. Understanding of SQL is a plus but not required.