CSc 337 - Web Programming > Final Projects > Create your own project


This class provides the opportunity to do something else as a web application that you've had the burning desire to do. Here's how this works:

  1. Decide if you're working on this on your own or with a teammate.
  2. By Mon, 9 Apr, email the instructor with what project you would like to do, who you are doing it with, and what requirements it will have.
  3. Look at the other projects' requirements. Your requirements should be of similar difficulty. A database should be used in some way, as should AJAX for some functionality, though neither has to be large.
  4. By Wed, 11 Apr, the instructor will respond with an okay or with fewer or more requirements to balance it out with the other projects in difficulty.


If you'd like to use another server (such as Node.js, Python with WebSockets, Mongrel2, etc.), we can't really accommodate that on the class server, but feel free to develop it on your own machine and simply turn in any code you write before the deadline. During grading, you can demo it on your own machine--- it doesn't have to run on the class server.