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This project involves little database work but will be heavier in AJAX and gives you the opportunity to work with HTML5's canvas element. You should choose and implement one of the following: Tic-Tac-Toe, Pictionary, or Battleship (no canvas required for Battleship), or request a different game. Two users should be able to log in and play against each other.

Requirements (one student)

Requirements (two students)

Requirements (Extra Credit)

For 10% extra credit, your application should use WebSockets instead of AJAX. Keep in mind that this might require things besides PHP (see the Notes section below).


If you'd like to use another server (such as Node.js, Python with WebSockets, Mongrel2, etc.), we can't really accommodate that on the class server, but feel free to develop it on your own machine and simply turn in any code you write before the deadline. During grading, you can demo it on your own machine--- it doesn't have to run on the class server.


A simple demonstration of canvas